Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve Property in Puerto Rico

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I had the most amazing trip and photoshoot at Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico. This property is part of a handful of collective Ritz properties called “Reserves” designed for the elevated luxury experience. I stayed at another Reserve on my honeymoon in Bali called Mandapa…

How has life changed since becoming a Real Housewife of Toronto

14 short weeks ago I was just a regular girl, living a fabulous life, but since the debut of The Real Housewives of Toronto, a lot has changed, but not how I expected. I never really thought of myself as “plus-size” I was always just,…

Rocking a Bikini by Swimsuits for All x Ashely Graham

For so long beach travel scared me as it meant bikinis. Every vacation had a lead up of crash dieting and anxiety about my body, but slowly I began to love myself, see beauty instead of pounds and here I am today. With thousands of…