All about Lola

Lola is a 3.5-year- old English Goldendoodle (her mother was a blonde English retirevier and her father an auburn Standard Poodle). We got Lola from Burkhart Kennels near Waterloo, Ontario. Lola truly has the most unbelievable personality and is so loving, fun and personable. It might sound strange if you’re not a dog person but Lola is totally in tune with me and I swear she really does understand me. People are amazed when they see us together as she treats me just as a toddler would with their mom, she hides behind me when scared, comes to me for approval and attention and tells me if shes upset, happy, sad, excited and even hungry. Everyone thinks I am crazy until they see us together and just fall in love with Lola. She is the most wonderful thing to ever happen to our family and she truly brings so much joy to our lives.