Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve Property in Puerto Rico

I had the most amazing trip and photoshoot at Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico. This property is part of a handful of collective Ritz properties called “Reserves” designed for the elevated luxury experience. I stayed at another Reserve on my honeymoon in Bali called Mandapa and just like Mandapa, Dorado delivers on all fronts. The rooms, food and service were fantastic but perhaps the most exquisite feature is the spa. The spa is ranked as one of the only diamond forbes spas in the Caribbean and it transported me to another world. I had an evening massage at sunset in a treehouse and bathed in the healing ponds. Its no surprise that this property is loved by the fashion elite and celebrities worldwide. Below are the shots from my photoshoot. Wendy Bannerman from styled the entire shoot and it was shot by local photographer Jose Ruiz Photography.