How has life changed since becoming a Real Housewife of Toronto

14 short weeks ago I was just a regular girl, living a fabulous life, but since the debut of The Real Housewives of Toronto, a lot has changed, but not how I expected. I never really thought of myself as “plus-size” I was always just, My Size, but debuting on TV with headlines such as “the first ever plus-size Housewife” and many interviews leading with questions about my body confidence, I realized I have a responsibility to help change the perceptions of beauty and what it means to be a stylish curvy woman. A huge part of that change is the growing and incredible support from all of you, my fans, my followers and now my ambassadors for the #MySizeRox movement. You have empowered me to change the way the world perceives women with curves, without curves, with small bums or large ones. You have given me a platform to change the way people judge bodies and beauty in the media, and I am so thankful. With your continued support and the growing energy around the #MySizeRox movement I have a feeling we are just getting started.14 weeks later I am still a regular girl leading a fabulous life, but now I am on a very clear and determined mission to ensure that my role on TV has a purpose that helps to inspire and change sizeism and judgement in fashion and media.
Join the movement by posting your confident body positive messages and photos on social media with the hashtag #MySizeRox