Lola’s chef

Yes, it is true that Lola has a chef prepare her meals each week and yes, I realize that sounds absurd…but her is my reasoning. When researching what food to feed my furry baby I became discouraged when I understood the ingredients in some of the readily available dog foods. I was hunting for something highly nutritious when my local dogstore, Wooftown, recommended the Home Cooked meals they prepare. They were far beyond anything I had found so I signed Lola up. Each week her chef prepares a mix of her food which consists of over fifteen ingredients. It is comprised of a cooked protein like chicken, turkey, beef, salmon and eggs along with aprox 14 other raw ingredients specially picked to aid in a dog’s health. Keeping the ingrdients raw perserves the nutritnes and vitamins the same as it does when we eat our veggies. These range from kale, kindkey beans, flax seed oil (which is great for digestion), coconut oil, cranberries and blueberries (which are amazing for their eye sight and circulatory system), sweet potoato and pumpkin (high in fibre and aid in digestion), Kafir for probioitcs, parlesy and broccoli for vitamins and the list goes on. As you can see a lot of thought goes into this food and I can honestly say Lola is filled with energy and has a beautiful shiny coat thus. Could I find a less expensive option? Yes, but Luxurious Lola takes after her mommy and loves the gourmet meals.

One of the approved dry kibbles that I do mix with her meals is Zeweepeak, which is an air dryed kibble that is super nutriotious. The company uses a variety of igrendietns including lolcal new zeland mussles which are packed with vitamins along with kelp from local waters. It has a soft texture and Lola just loves this stuff. Even I have a slight heart attack when I see the price of Zeeweepeak but it imported from New Zeland and Lola just loves it so alas what Lola wants Lola gets!