Tag me in your photos with the hashtag #MySizeRox and show me your confident, powerful photos!

Last year I made my debut on the Real Housewives of Toronto and what followed was totally unexpected.

As a curvy women I was a anticipating body shaming and jabs about my size, instead I received an overwhelming amount of love from women who were thrilled to see not only a “plus-size” women but one who loved her body, showed it off and was confident when it came to fashion and style.

I was completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of stories from women saying that my confidence inspired them and encouraged them to feel comfortable in their own skin. I would sit at home weeping reading the comments from fans around the world who were suffering from body issues and were inspired by me.

But there was one problem, I didn’t like being labeled “plus size” I was sick of my size putting me in a category that singled me out in fashion, and so I took control of the conversation about my body (not just for me, but for every other women who is reminded daily her size doesn’t meet fashion's standard of normal).

I changed the narrative about MY body and moved the discussion from a negative one to a positive one. I corrected journalists labelling me Plus Size and replaced the term with My Size, and guess what?

In a world where beauty can be very singular, my voice of self love and body confidence broke through and a movement was born. My willingness to post and my realness in all its glory along with the call to action for women to end the self loathing and bullying of our bodies and to embrace who they are and whatever size that may be promoted the #MySizeRox hashtag to start trending with women across the world posting their confident body positive photos, letting go of the shackles of judgment we place on our bodies.

#MySizeRox came at a time when Instagram was flooded with images that were highly curated and polished. I felt a responsibility to show real unedited images of my body and proudly display what others might consider flaws. It was terrifying and liberating all at the same time. There I was in a bikini showing the whole world my body and instead of fearing the negative comments, an army of women were cheering me on, posting their confident photos, and inspiring one another to feel comfortable.

My Instagram has since become a place where a community come together to encourage, inspire and accept one another, however they make look. I am deeply proud that my movement had touched so many lives and will continue to challenge the ideals of beauty across fashion, beauty and health.


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