#MySizeRox at Joe Fresh

Finally, fashion is catching up and starting to include women like myself who have previously been left out.  For as long as I can remember “plus size” clothing were not as fashionable, not as fabulous and sent the message, You’re not really beautiful enough to wear our clothes.


Thankfully, this is changing.


Since powerful comes in many shapes and sizes, I am so honoured to be part of Joe Fresh’s Active campaign.  Thank you @joefresh for celebrating that!  There were years I would feel self-conscious to go to the gym and no one looked like me.  I felt that I needed to be a certain size in order to walk through the gym doors, maybe that’s because I never saw myself in fitness ads.  This campaign means everything not only to me but every girl I represent. If there is one girl out there that needs to see someone like me in this campaign; I hope it can give her permission to be active in her skin without wanting to be thin.  


Fitness is diverse and the people exemplifying it should be too. I am done apologizing for my shape to people who make judgements about it because I know my strength.  I am thrilled to walk into a Joe Fresh flagship store and see the different identities, cultures, and people being represented. This has shifted from what it means to me to what it means to the girl who wants to see someone like herself symbolized in ads.


Joe Fresh is part of the movement that every shape, body and size is loved, acknowledged and can do amazing things.  This shift is giving great fashion and fit to an underserved market.

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