Rocking a Bikini by Swimsuits for All x Ashely Graham

For so long beach travel scared me as it meant bikinis. Every vacation had a lead up of crash dieting and anxiety about my body, but slowly I began to love myself, see beauty instead of pounds and here I am today. With thousands of women writing me to tell me that I inspire them I want you to know that YOU inspire me. I feel the power of a movement towards body diversity with every post I make. Maybe it was the warm Puerto Rican breeze that inspired this shot or the title of role model my followers have bestowed upon me, but I feel a need to show ladies that when beauty truly starts inside your soul it is liberating and I only know how to show you that by embodying it myself. I feel honoured that I am here to inspire you and I truly want you to know that travel should not be feared, the ocean should not be your enemy as beach bodies are YOUR bodies and beauty truly comes in ALL sizes. Travel, be free and be you. Thank you for inspiring me Ashley Graham and sharing this photo & thank you for everyone else who shared and reposted this photo! It has been seen by over 500,000 people and I am honoured that by embracing #MySizeRox I am able to help disrupt the idea of what a beautiful bikini body is.