Scrap Valentines Day- Focus on Self Love Instead!

Scrap Valentines Day- Focus on Self Love Instead!

Valentine’s Day was created as a day to celebrate love, but it doesn’t always have to be filled with hearts and candy and the other traditional customs that we’ve been conditioned with.  Although Valentine’s Day is looked upon as a celebration of romantic love, it’s time we redefine the holiday as a day of self-love.

I want to take the stigma out of this “holiday” and have everyone focus their energy on self-care, self-love and taking time to recharge your batteries. 

Here are ways to empower yourself and beat the Valentine’s Day blues this year.

Celebrate self-love

If you’ve decided to take it easy this February 14th, try spending the day alone indulging yourself in things you might not typically do, showing yourself much-needed self-love. Treat yourself to sleeping in followed by breakfast in bed, and then spend the afternoon at the spa getting pampered.  If you have been eyeing up that sparkly necklace at the mall, go buy it for yourself! Make Valentine’s Day about showing love and care to the most important person-YOU.  

Show love for others

If you have children, spend the evening cooking a special meal and then watching their favorite movie with them.  Afterall, it’s a day all about love, so start a family tradition on Valentine’s Day that you and your family can look forward to every year.  Or – take your mom out for dinner. Showing love and appreciation to other people will go a long way in combating the Valentine’s Day blues.

Declare a Galentine’s Day

Another great way to celebrate the day of love is by declaring Valentine’s Day a ‘friend appreciation’ day.  Leave your husbands and boyfriends at home and gather up your best girl friends instead. Spend the day catching up, go out for a nice dinner, shop, or grab a cocktail.  There is no rule that says Valentine’s Day has to be about romance. Love knows no bounds so take time to make the day about showing love to whoever you want!

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and fulfilled Valentine’s Day!



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