Not afraid to tell it like she sees it, share personal stories, and speak the truth, Roxy Earle is an entertaining, informative, and inspiring speaker and host who lights up the room with her never ending energy, warm smile, and genuine interest in helping others become the best versions of themselves.

Whether she is speaking about body positivity, anti-bullying, fitness and health, women empowerment, fashion for all sizes, travel, or women in business, Roxy speaks from the heart based on real world experiences.

She'll leave your audience inspired, energized, and wanting more. Contact Roxy today to check availability for your next event.


The Well Event: Join a Movement Honoring Women Nov 12, 2017

For anyone in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton!

You guys asked for me to do events in different cities so here we are!

I'm hosting this awesome event with some amazing ladies and will be talking about body positivity and confidence as well as inspiring everyone to feel good about themselves!

Visit for details


Meet & Snap (A Selfie) Event at Le Chateau Store Eaton Center

It is with unbelievable pride that I announce my role as Creative Director of Roxy Earle by Le Chateau overseeing three full capsule collections ranging from sizes 0-22.

My dream has always been that two friends can walk into a store and shop the same collection regardless of size. I am so proud of this iconic Canadian company having the courage to believe in the #MySizeRox movement and take the leap of faith to increase the standard size to 22 under my direction. My first collection will be in stores in June!

On Saturday October 14th I am inviting all of you to come celebrate with me at Le Chateau at Eaton Centre as I am making a really really really really big announcement. An announcement that changes everything. A game changer I’d say. Who wants to celebrate? I’m dying to meet all of you and share the big news. I’ll also be around to help style my favourite looks from my ‘Roxy’s Picks’’

Instagram Uncovered: Shaping Body Image + Body Positivity Summit

"It's Ironic,” Roxy Earle pointed out, that a starring woman of Real Housewives of Toronto prides herself on “being real.” The 33-year-old radiated this realness when she shared her journey to self-love during Instagram’s Uncovered: Shaping Body Image event on Sept 19, 2017.

With commanding confidence, Roxy looked effortlessly chic in a leather Eloquii dress and bright red Oscar de la Renta stilettos as she greeted her loyal crew of fans before taking the stage to deliver a much-needed speech on beauty and body standards.

“Body positivity is about ending this cycle of self-destruction and this endless shame around bodies, and instead embracing bodies of all sizes, and the idea that beauty and glamour can be defined in many ways,” she told the crowd.

Free Spinning Fitness Class at Rosedale Club in Toronto

On Body Confidence Day it’s important we get real about fitness. Here’s a pic from a recent free spinning class I hosted at Rosedale Club in Toronto.

I invited some of my amazing followers to workout with me. I did this as the best possible way you can feel confident about your body is if you treat it with love. Eating nourishing foods to fuel the body and staying active to feel strong and healthy. Every workout is an immediate boost of positive energy and it’s a really important part of my life.

I know it’s not always easy but you just need to find the time. I’ve been missing the gym lately and my mood has suffered, so tomorrow I’m getting right back to my daily fitness. Who is with me?